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Ali Hill

Database Associate

Ali has been a resident of Alachua County for over 20 years. Before joining the United Way of North Central Florida, she worked for the University of Florida in Donor Relations. Ali holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida

Ali and her husband, Brian, have a German shepherd named Star, who certainly lives up to her name. Their canine diva “sings” at every opportunity. And one day, Star discovered three homeless kittens who are now beloved members of the family, two black cats named Bear and Nimrod, also known as Nim and a black and white cat named Pandemonium, also known as Panda.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

My emoji honors Star and also represents all of the positive energy that I send out into the world. 

Why I do this work: I have been in the nonprofit sector for 16 years and wanted to make a direct impact on our community. Working for the United Way combines my love of data and my call to help others.

Contact me at