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ReadingPals Fundraiser


Who We Are

United Way of North Central Florida ReadingPals Initiative matches 2nd and 3rd grade students with volunteers to read one-on-one for the school year. These students are identified as needing help with reading and volunteers serve as mentor tutors. 

ReadingPals provides students with a variety of high-quality books to choose from. Students have the opportunity to choose and read up to 25 books per year with their volunteer and take home books in order to build a home library.


What Your Donations Will Provide


  • Good books are costly, but through FirstBook, Scholastic, and other discounted providers, we're able to get high-quality, high-interest books at a non-profit rate.

Educational Supplies

  • Pencils, paper, workbooks, etc.

Customized Curriculum & Programming 

  • With help from our many partners, including Alachua County Public Schools, we provide a unique and flexible program to meet the needs of all our different students.

Family Literacy Night events 

  • In order to continue the work ReadingPals are doing with the students, parents need to become involved. These events help involve parents in their child’s literacy by providing an enjoyable environment to enjoy books together.

Background checks for each volunteer

  • To keep all our students safe

With your help we'll be able to provide students a reading mentor to encourage, challenge, and champion them in order to improve their enjoyment of books and their reading scores. 


"The Book With No Pictures"         "Where The Wild Things Are"

February 25, 2015                               October 29, 2014


     "Daisy-Head Mayzie"                       "Whoever You Are"         "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"

 March 5, 2014                              January 15, 2014                           October 22, 2013