Small Business Spotlight - Joe Hancock at Union Home Mortgage

Joe Hancock, Union Home Mortgages

1.       Tell us about your business; and what is your business philosophy?

I run Union Home Mortgage. Yes another mortgage company is in town. All mortgage companies play in the same sandbox, offering products like Renovation loans, Construction, Purchase loans etc. We are in a commodity type business. Therefore we need to set ourselves apart. What sets us apart from other companies is service. The Customer experience is our top goal. We have found a way to make an inefficient business efficient. So if you're looking to renovate your home, lower your rate, or buy that dream home we can help. We stand by and believe in our motto “Promises Kept”


2.       Why are you passionate about your commitment to United Way’s Community Investment Fund?

I believe in giving back to the community. I am involved in a number of charitable organizations and I common thread I see is the UnitedWay involved in one way or another with helping the community. I had to get involved.


3.       What is something interesting or surprising that most people don’t know about you?

I race go karts. Yes go karts. Not your typical go kart however. These are actual racing machines capable of reaching speeds in excess of 140mph. I have a need for speed and racing has allowed me to help raise funds for different charities. Nothing like using your hobby as a way to help people.


4.       What would your older self tell your younger self?

I would tell myself not to feel rushed. Take my time and enjoy things and if I want to go do something, then go do it.


5.       Favorite quote? 

"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting." - Steve McQueen