Chris Wells & Our Small Business Partnership

Chris Wells, Director of Development, Small Business Partners

Chris Wells has been with United Way of North Central Florida since 2013. Prior to joining United Way, she was co-host of a local morning radio show for 10 years, and was the Executive Director of the Eighth Judicial Circuit Bar Association for 7 years. Through her work, she has always been in a unique position to publicly lead and advocate for numerous community issues, serving on boards for local non-profits, and volunteering and advocating for countless local causes. She is very active in the community, and is a member of the Leadership Gainesville Alumni Association, the Gainesville Area Women’s Network, the Gainesville Area Innovation Network, BNI, several area chambers of commerce, BANCF, and a number of other networking and professional development organizations. Her greatest happiness comes from her family and her three children, Jacob, Joshua, and Grace.

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Why I do this work: I have a deeply held belief that we have an obligation to make our community stronger and better for our presence in it. This is a core value I’ve worked very hard to model for my own children, by my words and actions, and by directly involving them in their community at every opportunity. Great communities don’t just happen by accident. Great communities are made by the people who live in them, and who make a personal investment of time, energy, talent, and resources.

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