Small Business Partner - Daughtry Tree Service

Emery Daughty, Owner of Daughtry Tree Service

1. Tell us about your business and business philosophy.

We provide total tree care. There is no tree too tall, we do them all! And we recycle 100 percent of the trees and limbs we remove! With over 27 years of experience, even your toughest tree, stump or debris removals are no match for our equipment. Our team works hard to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. We also provide free estimates. When most folks think of a tree removal tree service they think of trimming, limb removal, and safe felling of diseased or dead trees and that is one of our specialties. But what most folks may not think of is that we also have the equipment and skills to turn that eyesore of a stump into fresh, clean, flat land that's ready for planting; clean up storm damage that  leaves and limbs piled up; or our ability to transform your jungle of a back yard into new, useable land. We also offer on-ongoing maintenance tree-pruning and trimming plans for all you tree needs. 

Our business philosophy includes being fair and honest with our customers, going above and beyond the customer's expectations, providing quality work, and that our team does what we say we're going to do. With more than 27 years working in the tree care industry, our team gives our customers great confidence in our company.

2. Why are you passionate about your commitment to United Way’s Community Investment Fund?

I want to give a helping hand and United Way provides me a way to do that in a way that is meaningful to me.  If a neighbor needs food, I know I can call United Way, and they’ll tell me how to get them food.  And more importantly, I know they are not just helping out my neighbor, they are helping out hundreds of families in our local area. I may be able to help out my neighbor, and I will and do, but I know I can’t feed hundreds of families the way United Way does. By supporting United Way, I help my neighbor and hundreds of others who I would not be able to do so for otherwise.

3. What is something interesting or surprising that most people don’t know about you?

I play mandolin and guitar.

4. What would your older self say to your younger self?

“Everything is not all about you”.  I find that now, I spend a lot more time being the best I can for my friends, family, and especially my wife Sandra, working to make sure they are happy , than I did when I was much younger.  I’ve been told by a friend at United Way that I absolutely “light up” every time I mention my wife and children.  That makes me kind of proud in a very humble way.

5. Favorite Quote?

"Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Small businesses play a critical role in maintaining a thriving local economy. They are no less important to the success of United Way, as we endeavor to improve lives through our work in education, health and financial stability. Our Small Business Partners are an important, growing family of donors, who are vital to helping us meet the needs of our community.
To learn more about how you and your business can support United Way, contact Dana Clayton at or (352) 333-0846.

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