Small Business Spotlight- Liquid Creative Studio

April Schroeder, President/Business Development, Liquid Creative Studio

1. Tell us about your business; and what is your business philosophy? 
We are a full service creative agency where we are passionate about helping businesses grow to their full potential through our help with advertising, marketing, creative design, branding, and public relations.

2. Why are you passionate about your commitment to United Way’s Community Investment Fund?
As passionate as we are about helping businesses grow to their full potential, we carry that through to our community as well. 

3. What is something interesting or surprising that most people don’t know about you?
I began schooling to be a makeup artist and dreamed of doing special effects makeup for the movies. And I love repurposing old things I find at garage sales or thrift stores for fun!  

4. What would your older self tell your younger self?  
Always do the most challenging, least fun and uncomfortable thing first.  Then the rest of your day is a breeze!

5. Favorite quote? 
"Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought." -- Einstein

Small businesses play a critical role in maintaining a thriving local economy. They are no less important to the success of United Way, as we endeavor to improve lives through our work in education, income, and health. Our Small Business Partners are an important, growing family of donors, who are vital to helping us meet the needs of our community.


To learn more about how you and your business can support United Way, contact Chris Wells at or (352) 316-0666.