Small Business Spotlight- Lovin' the Light Photography

Linda Bainter, Lovin' the Light Photography
1. Tell us about your business; and what is your business philosophy?
I am a natural light and studio portrait photographer.  I focus on capturing a families beginning, in maternity, birth, newborn and children images.   Maternity images are my favorite.  The physical change in an expectant mom is very evident, but so small compared to the change of focus and of heart, becoming her better self for someone else.  I love capturing the sense of beauty and contentment, as new life is being formed within, or your little ones first breathe at birth and the womblike sleepiness of a newborn.   They are all moments that change us forever, but don't last long and I love capturing timeless images to bring you back to your beginnings. 
2. Why are you passionate about your commitment to United Way’s Community Investment Fund?
I love that my contribution remains here in Alachua County.  It's local teamwork at it's best.  Those agencies already in place, that are doing a dynamic job helping people in need are allowed to grow and help even more.  A wise man once told me, we all can't fall on the sword.  He is right, some are gifted to serve and do a dynamic job, others support their efforts and provide for them to continue in their service.  This is a great avenue to support those servant hearts to our area.
3. What is something interesting or surprising that most people don’t know about you?
I have mad sewing skills.  I enjoy making jewelry and cooking wonderful flavorful food.  I just love being creative.  But as a creative I'm very messy, Ha!
4. What would your older self tell your younger self?
Hey young self, live thankfully and with more belief!  Life is full of challenges and tests, that fact will never stop.  How I respond to them is all that I'm responsible for.  In faith, I can rest in the fact that every challenge will bring about His intended purpose for me.  
5. Favorite quote?
'A loving heart is the truest wisdom'  Charles Dickens    
But then there is always, 'Dance like no one is watching!', someone brilliant must have said that one! 

Small businesses play a critical role in maintaining a thriving local economy. They are no less important to the success of United Way, as we endeavor to improve lives through our work in education, income, and health. Our Small Business Partners are an important, growing family of donors, who are vital to helping us meet the needs of our community.

To learn more about how you and your business can support United Way, contact Chris Wells at or (352) 316-0666.